Venezia: 4 Days of Art and Carbs

Ciao da Venezia! Over my fall break, I was able to escape for four days to Northern Italy. It was four days of perfect weather, art and pasta, so, much, pasta.

Lucky for us, the first day there was 22nd birthday one badass feminist art aficionada, Linda Lin, the founder of the Women in Art Initiative. So naturally, we celebrated in style.

Here are some highlights from our first day there!

Stop 1: The Peggy Guggenheim Collection

No matter where I go, I must always pay homage to the great women in art. The moment we arrived, we bee-lined straight to the house turned museum of Peggy Guggenheim, one of the most famous art collectors of the 20th century. As you can tell, Linda and I are drawn to art that match the color schemes of our outfits.

Stop 2: Osteria Enoteca San Marco

Easily the best meal of our trip. Found just around the corner from San Marco, this restaurant had a phenomenal seafood spaghetti that we slurped up in seconds. It’s sleek minimalist decor stands out in this historic city, and was a relaxing respite from the chaotic swarms of tourists outside.

Stop 3: Cafe Florian

No birthday celebration is complete without dessert. Ending a sweet day with a sweet day, we ordered a celebratory Coppa Venezia, vanilla gelato with coffee liqueur poured over. The cafe itself is a work of art that pampers you with fine service and live classical music playing right outside in Piazza San Marco.

Thank you to the Spiegel-Wilkes family for funding this trip to Venice for the History of Art department at the University of Pennsylvania.

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