Podcast: The Future of the DC Extended Universe

Check out my latest podcast for the Moviegoer, where I sit down with my friend Red Joseph to discusses the future of DC Extended Universe, our thoughts on the films so far, and whether or not a DCEU actually even exists.

Listen in to hear my thoughts on how the DCEU fairs against other cinematic universes, from Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Dark Universe, X-Men Sony Universe. We definitely both had strong opinions about what makes a successful franchise. Personally I’ve always been of the opinion that franchises that are director-led are always more powerful and than ones that are producer-led like the MCU. While there may be less consistency (as we see in X-Men), it ultimately leads to stronger films.


Red and I also discussed the upcoming DC films, both the rumored and the announced, and our dream casts for each. I personally have been really upset with the directorial choices for the upcoming female led films, particularly the selection of Joss Whedon as the director of Batgirl and David Ayers as the director of the rumored Gotham City Sirens (to read more of my thoughts on this, check out my earlier article).


Thanks for listening! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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